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Jesus Forgive Me, I Am a Thot (Mercurius FM Remix)


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JPEGMAFIA - Jesus Forgive Me, I Am a Thot (Mercurius FM Remix)

Basically this remix is what if Daft Punk produced a JPEGMAFIA song in the 90s. This is a house remix of "Jesus Forgive Me, I Am a Thot" the lead single from JPEGMAFIA's new album. Enjoy. Free download.

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MERCURIUS FM: mercuriusfm.com

JPEGMAFIA: www.jpegmafia.net


Oh (You think you know me)
When we rappin'? (Deadly)

[Verse 1]
Pray (Pray), pray
Pray you get comfy in your disguise (Uh)
Pray for my thots on the other side (Side)
Pray for my children I can't provide, I'll feel 45
Pray when you shoot, it's a homicide
Pray for my haters, they terrified
Nigga, come kill me, I'm verified
But I'm still alive, yeah, I'm still alive
Pray that I end up like Charlize Theron
I'm so confused, I ain't hard to find
I push you pussies beyond the pine
Hope you get some shine, hope you get some shine
It come out the pocketbook every time
Feel like I'm shootin', I'm shiftin' time
Dressed in your grandmama's hand-me-downs, pussy nigga
Huh, sucka, I'm prominent, I was anonymous
I been in front of you every time
This ain't a bridge, it's a collared crime
I put my soul into every bar (Man)
Into every verse, into every rhyme (Shit)

I can't feel my face, oh God
SMH, no ASMR (Huh)
Show me where the prophets go
Show me how to keep my pussy closed
She said, "You better count your blessings for real"
Amen (Woo!)

[Verse 2]
Pray (Pray), pray
Pray for my babies, they doin' time
Pray that these crackers don't Columbine
I just pray that I peak before my decline
Make 'em hit recline
You know my shooter a proper dime, clarity
Nigga, these bullets get entered in clip
And go into the Kimber that hit your spine
Britney, this a sign
Pray you grow healthy and hit your prime
Ooh, I should pray for a better line
But I don't wan' make all my peers resign
2035, I'll be 45
They say the church leave us all behind
Speaking in tongues like I'm David Byrne
Bitch, I turn a threat to a nevermind, nevermind
Pray for all of these niggas been lyin' and frontin' for company
Bitch, I'm a diva, no punk in me
Fuck you want from me? I'll put you under me, nigga (Oh)
I put your soul in a struggle bar

I can't feel my face, oh God
SMH, no ASMR (Huh!)
Show me where the prophets go
Show me how to keep my pussy closed
She said, "You better count your blessings for real"

Praise the motherfuckin' lord
(Oh, dead-dead-deadly)


released September 17, 2019
Original song by: JPEGMAFIA

Remix Recorded and Produced by Mercurius FM.
Mastered by Mercurius Creative, LLC.

Artwork by Mercurius FM

Video clip by Virtua Worlds, LLC

This is not an official remix. All samples are owned by their respective owners.
This remix is provided purely for entertainment.
Support the artist and buy the original songs.


all rights reserved



MERCURIUS FM Los Angeles, California

Mercurius FM is an electronic music artist. His award winning tracks get play by influential DJ’s around the world, including Thee Mike B & Dave Clarke. He’s made official remixes of various artists and topped online charts over the years with his signature bootleg remixes. Mercurius FM is a passionate performer obsessed with mixing genres from house and techno to trap and video game music. ... more

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